Introducing the ultimate platform
to find the right people for your business

Talenteo is the platform to recruit IT oriented people
using the most recent technology.


We have automated the process of recruitment (pos candidate). Giving you all control and necessary features to manage the process.

Real time

All the analysis made by our platform is provided in real time. So you will receive real-time insights over the recruitment process.

Cloud based

Our solution is cloud-based and provided as software as a service. Completely customizable for your needs.


The security is one of our main concerns. We guarantee the total data protection for you and all your candidates. You can have access to all information (Create, manage, delete) at any time.

Cost of hire

Cost of hiring

According to Eric Koester of MyHighTechStart-Up, "estimates range from 1.5x to 3x of salary for the 'fully-baked' cost of an employee - the cost including things like benefits, taxes, equipment, training, rent, etc."

Cost of bad hire

The True Cost Of A Bad Hire - It's More Than You Think

Look up here what Forbes thinks about what could be a real cost of when you make not the most appropriate decision while hiring a person for a certain position.


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